OMG, Elise- What's Your Story?!

In 2015, I started this here company with only one thing in mind.  To be an honest, and hardworking Day of Coordinator, and to relieve my couple's of the stress that comes with putting together such a huge event.  I am so insanely lucky to help accomplish these weddings AND feel like I have made so many new friendships!









1) The sun rises and sets on my Daughter and Fiance- and they make me the happiest.

2) I am a HUGE dog lover & mama to a beautiful Rotweiller named Uso.

3) My favorite meal in the world is Tofu Pho with Shrimp and a Spring Roll on the side.

4) I am all about using less plastic and choose a cruelty-free lifestyle 

5) The one country I must see (sooner than later) is Japan!

6) I live for a good documentary (Netflix & Chill is a real thing)

7) I live by the 5 Reiki Principals