I am in love with my story.

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to do as I got older.  I went to cosmetology school (not for me), but I did find that I excelled in people.  I was introduced to Weddings through Catering with Mama Stortini's.  It was then that I developed an eye for detail, and getting so much pleasure out of watching large gatherings of people bask in the love and celebration of one another.  I created my company in 2015, and I have loved every minute and hour!

Sure, Forbes says that Wedding Coordinators are usually in the top 5 for most stressful jobs, however, the pay off is the finale.  The big sha-bang. 



  Let's meet over coffee or cocoa and see if we can create some magic!

A little about me: 

1) I have an extensive travel bucket list.  Japan being at the top!

2) 2021 is MY wedding year- I cannot wait to be a wife!

3) I have an 8-year-old daughter & my world revolves around her.

4) I am a full-time student. 

5) My favorite foods are Spring Rolls and Sushi

6) I LOVE strong coffee, but I am not a fan of the effects of it (weird, I know!)

7) I am a PCOS cyster & fighter

8) I happily accept all good book recommendations!

9) A day at Olympus Spa or a mani/Pedi are my top ways of relaxing

10) I love Reiki, meditation, crystals and sage.