OMG, Elise- What's Your Story?!

I love my story

Becoming part of the industry about 10 years ago through Catering, and then moving on to venue facilitating, I got my first impressions of Weddings early on.

April of 2015, I decided to make it a goal to open my own company that helps to plan and conduct Weddings with amazing couples- I have not looked back, since!

Did you know that on Forbes "Most stressful jobs, ever", Wedding Coordinating is usually within the top 5!  How in the world would someone CHOOSE this lifestyle?  For me, it is the payoff of seeing everything completed and come together.  Oh, the joy it brings my soul ;) 

No Wedding has ever been perfect, but yours will definitely FEEL perfect when you choose to work with a Coordinator that you can trust.

Some fun facts about me: 

*I am the mother of a gorgeous little girl named Brielle 

(she is the "B" in "Forever-B")

*I am engaged and our big day is in 2021!  

*I am a dog mom to a Rotweiller named Uso

*I aspire to be an Elementary School Principal and am in school full time

*My favorite meal is Tofu Pho with Shrimp & a Spring Roll on the side :)

*Documentaries are my JAM!

*The sight of water makes me the happiest- The ocean is my sanctuary

*I choose a cruelty-free lifestyle (all animals deserve love!)

*I will not buy anything at a retail price- MUST be on sale ;)

*My Mom's family is from The Big Island of Hawai'i & I hope to retire there someday