Day of Coordinating is my expertise

$1,300.00- flat rate

$150.00- additional for professional assistant

(preferred for Weddings of 200+ guest count or VERY detailed Weddings)

$50.00- for travel over 30 miles away from Lakewood, WA (98499)

Day of Coordinating Package includes (but not limited to): 

  • Initial Consultation of 1-2 hours

  • Create a custom detailed timeline of the flow for your day

  • Up to 2 venue walk through's

  • Communication with all vendors in regards to the details of your event

  • Direct the Rehearsal (if it is a religious ceremony, some bishops/pastors/etc.. like to conduct- however, I will attend)

  • Provide Wedding/Event Emergency Kit 

  • Onsite at Event 2-2.5 hours prior to Ceremony Start time to help with set up, and stay until the end of the Reception

  • Plenty of unlimited email and phone interactions as well :) 

To Reserve Your date: 

  • Contract filled out with $400 non-refundable deposit

I accept Cash, Money Order, or Venmo

Al' a Carte: *Payment must be made in full at time of reserving this service

REHEARSAL ONLY: $150.00- flat rate

*I will direct your rehearsal, complete with music choices, to help you and your Bridal Party be sure that you know what direction to walk, where to stand, go correct pace, etc...

TIMELINE ONLY: $150.00- flat rate

*I will create a very detailed and professional timeline for you and your vendors.  I will make up to 2 adjustments before considering it finalized.  You will want to have your timeline finalized 2 weeks prior to the event to make sure all vendors know the vision.

RECEPTION SET UP ONLY: $250.00- flat rate

*I will arrive 3-4 hours prior to the start time of the Ceremony to execute your Reception vision and make sure that everything is in its proper space.  This includes set up of Reception tables (linens included, unless done by caterer), help with any china & flatware, centerpieces, guest sign in and gift tables.

RECEPTION TEAR DOWN ONLY: $250.00- flat rate

*I will arrive as soon as guest departure commences, and will help with the clean up of Linens, centerpieces (if rented, back in their compartments, and if brought from home, back into their compartments), any china or flatware (that caterer is NOT responsible for) will go into a designated vehicle for proper return.  Make sure all decor gets to the proper vehicles and will help take out garbages.

*PLEASE NOTE: The services for Rehearsal, Set up, and Teardown are based on availability.  Day of Coordinating takes precedence.  

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